Our Difference

When a customer steps foot into CBD American Shaman of Amarillo, our goal is to educate and inform the customer about the ways CBD might help with reducing pain and ailments. Before making any purchase, our educated and trained staff are willing and able to answer your questions or concerns. Furthermore, we offer free samples for the majority of products sold in store so you know exactly what you're getting the minute you make a purchase.



CBD American Shaman's proprietary nanotechnology represents the ultimate refinement of hemp oil concentrate. Our unique process gives unmatched particle size, putting cannabinoids in their most bio-active state. This process will not only make hemp oil concentrate much more potent, but it will make delivery time to the cells a matter of minutes; not hours!

Our nanotechnology breaks large lipid balls full of cannabinoids down thousands of times to the molecular level. The smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the cells of your body to absorb it.

How does this help you? Picture a basketball full of BBs sitting on your kitchen floor. It only covers a small portion of the floor, but, if the basketball broke open, all those BBs would spill out and spread across the floor. The surface area of all those tiny BBs would be thousands of times greater than the surface area of the basketball. Every time you cut a particle in half, you increase its surface area; think of the exponential surface area increase when you reduce particle size hundreds of times.

Our products are 100% Natural Pure CO2 Extract based, is 100% Organic, terpene added, and Non-GMO Hemp with no heavy metals or insecticides.